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The Smith St. Shuffle

For a fantastic night on the town I highly recommend that you take  what my wife and I have coined, “the Smith St Shuffle”.  Starting at around Carroll St to the south and ending at Atlantic Ave to the north, or visa-versa, slowly meander your way up and down the street, eating, drinking and taking it all in as you go.

As Smith St has evolved from a street where you wouldn’t want to walk after dark, to an international destination for restaurants, bars and retail shopping, my wife and I have started a weekend tradition that has aptly been named the Smith St. Shuffle.

Because of the staggering number of choices of restaurants and bars in the neighborhood, we decided that we  didn’t want to commit to any one destination, and so the “Shuffle” began.


We like to start at the Jake Walk, or perhaps Bar Harry or the Zombie Hut, which has a fantastic “tropical” outdoor lounge. Maybe a 2nd at the Clover Club, or maybe oysters with a glass of champagne at Kittery or Verde on Smith- they both have happy hour specials of $1 oysters.  Other fun stops could be Brooklyn Social, Angry Wades, Camp, a touch of Ireland at Ceol, or perhaps a PBR at Peoples Republic.


Once our appetites perked up, perhaps appetizers at Char #4 if you’re a fan of BBQ and bourbon, or guacamole at Cubana Cafe.

Main Course

Celebrating? Perhaps a tasting menu at critically acclaimed Battersby, Sauls(now moved to the Brooklyn Museum),  or Zagat top 10 in NYC, the Grocery.

Italian? Family style at Red Rose (a staple in the community for decades), Vinnys, Pane Vino, brick oven pizzas at Savoia, or perhaps some new wave Italian at Lunetta.

Middle/Far East? Zaytoons is a great place for spinach pies and shish-ka-bobs. New spins on ramen can be found at Dasara, sushi-sushi-sushi at Kyoto, Ki, Yoshi, and a fusion explosion at venerable Chance

Continental? Try Arthur’s or Hunter’s for big flavors and original presentations. Visit the old south at Seersucker.

French? Visit the old country at Bar Tabac (live music can often be found there on the weekend!), or reward your taste buds at Provence en Boite.

After dinner, stop at any of the above mentioned establishments for dessert or a nightcap. Perhaps both?

There you have it, a fabulous night in Brooklyn. I love this town, can’t wait till Friday night!


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