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Eastwick-Brooklyn’s hottest new neighborhood and restaurant!

As Yogi Berra so eloquently stated, ” It’s like dejevu all over again” !

That’s how I felt last Friday, when I joined my good friends Itsak and Gianna Saadi for dinner at their cutting edge new restaurant Eastwick.

The name is a clever play on the fact that it’s sitting on the border of where East Williamsburg ends, and Bushwick begins.

For real estate investors, I recommend that you make a 5-6 block circle around the restaurant location, and get in on the action.

For foodies, it’s worth the trek to sample some wonderful eclectic tastes in a lively comfortable setting. Start with the smoked eggplant,drizzled with lemon zest and feta cheese, already named one of NYC’s 100 best tastes by TONY. Follow with a “green party” salad, featuring locally sourced wild watercress, edemame, quinoa, and kalamata olives, and finish with succulent braised short ribs, perfectly charred hangar steak, or the fresh catch of the day.¬† Combine with a nice selection of tap beers, house special cocktails, or well thought out well priced wines for a wonderful night out.

My dejevu goes back to the mid nineties, when stalwart chefs, Alan Harding and Jimmy Mammary, opened up a gourmet French restaurant on a gritty South Brooklyn block, where the locals advise was not to walk around there at night. At the time , most store fronts were unoccupied, and the mixed use buildings were selling for a song. That restaurant was Patois, and that street was Smith St.! Now Smith St is an international destination, and the prices will give you a nosebleed.

I believe its only a matter of time before  the huge Williamsburg tidal wave spills farther east, and the pioneering restaurant Eastwick will be the flagship of a new, hip destination strip.




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