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How to sell your Brooklyn property for the highest possible price!

As a broker with more than 30 years of experience and 3,000 plus closed transactions to date, I thought it would be valuable to write a series of articles about the most consistent, efficient methodology to attain the highest market value when selling your home in Brooklyn.

There are quite a few steps necessary to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. In this blog I am going to make a list of bullet points, then over the next few weeks I will give more in depth analysis of how to best realize each point. The crucial point of achieving maximum pricing, is maximum exposure, and the following points will allow your property meet that criteria.


So here it goes:

  1. Hire a broker– in national studies, it has been concluded that properties marketed by brokers sell for between 10-15% higher than properties sold by homeowners
  2. Make sure your property is listed by both the Brooklyn in as many Multiple Listing Services as possible. Some brokers belong to 2 or 3 different services, allowing your property to be seen by more agents.
  3. Staging/Showcasing– A fresh perspective will enable you to offer your property in the best light. Some agents recommend room layouts, renovations, clutter removal etc.
  4. Professional photography for internet distribution- Nothing is worse for marketing than tacky amateur pictures.
  5. Floor plans should be available on the internet
  6. Offers should be pre-qualified by a mortgage loan officer to assure that the buyer has the ability to close.
  7. Signs should be used to attract prospective buyers.
  8. Some print advertising should still be incorporated to reach non tech savvy buyers.
  9. Color brochures should be mailed to the surrounding neighborhood.
  10. Open houses should be scheduled to create as much activity and excitement as possible, one for local brokers, and one for prospective buyers.
  11. Make sure the property is priced correctly, and that your broker has prepared a comprehensive comparable home pricing evaluation for you.

If you follow these 11 steps, you can rest assured that your home will sell at the highest real estate market value as possible. This if the marketing plan that has enabled me to sell more than 3,000 homes in Brooklyn. More details on the individual steps to follow.


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  1. This post has really made a difference in my life. Many thanks for the help.

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