My Favorite Places

Casa Rosa, just like Grandma used to make!

There are thousands of restaurants in Brooklyn, and some of them are very special, and world renowned. Peter Lugers, the River Cafe, Totonno’s, icons in the world of gastronomy.

However, when I get a craving for a Sunday sauce, yes, sauce, not gravy, there’s no place I would rather sit than neighborhood fixture, the Casa Rosa.

As a lifelong resident of Carroll Gardens, I know we have some spectacular, and delicious options. The wonderful Marco Polo, just remodeled and putting out dishes better than ever. Fantastic brick oven pizza and pasta bistros, Sam’s, Savoia and the long lined Lucali’s.

But when I am dying for a dish of gnocchi’s and bracciole, I stroll to the corner of Carroll and Court to the Casa Rosa.

I generally start with one of their humungous Manhattans. It seems like about an 8 ounce pour! Then some clams oreganata, fritto misto and frutta de mare, for appetizers. Then to my entree.

Almost every entree is a two fer. Huge portions and top ingredients. Eat until you bust, and take home lunch for tomorrow.

But its the sauces that call me back, like Ulysess’ sirens. The arrabiata is my favorite, a mouth watering offspring of marinara and putanesca, thick, spicy and delicious. Have it on chicken, or ask for and off the menu shrimp. With a side of pillow soft gnocchi’s, it’s a dish you’ll be dreaming about.

Top it off with an espresso, a cannoli, spumoni, or a selection of fabulous cakes, anisette on the table of course, and you’ll know why Casa Rosa is one of my favorite places.


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