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The Best Bites of Brooklyn Through The Mouth of a Life Long Brooklyn Native: Dover


 Brooklyn born and bred, since as long as I can remember,  I have methodically eaten my way around the neighborhoods of the borough. I am lucky enough to have an unlimited variety of tasty treats at my fingertips. Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Thai, French, German, Contemporary American, Seafood/ Steak Shrines, Chinese, Indian, Pizza & more… You name it, Brooklyn’s got it!I’m beginning my series of ‘Best Bites’ with Dover, a Contemporary American restaurant located at  412 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231. Brought to us by the talented chefs who opened the postage stamp sized foodie haven Battersby, Joseph Ogrondek and Walker Stern, Dover stands out as one of Brooklyn’s finest dining destinations. The young chefs, by way of Alain Ducasse at the Essex House, have brought 5 star gourmet dining to Carroll Gardens.

Rotating tasting menus, seasonal fare, gourmet locally sourced ingredients makes dinner at Dover feel like you’ve gone over the bridge to indulge at one of the superstar chef establishments that Manhattan is famous for. No need to hop a cab to Manhattan, now that you can have a serious tasting menu right in your own backyard. Serious wine pairings can be added by the wonderful manager/sommelier Alissa, who is one of the most friendly and upbeat hostess’ you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

dover pic 3The meals at Dover begin with a complimentary amuse bouche, on my last visit, heirloom radishes dipped in a pea puree, followed by homemade breads and seasonal spreads, which are more flavorful and delicious each time I dine there.  The tasting menu is a always a great choice and never disappoints; it starts with the roasted oysters in green garlic butter (I never thought I would enjoy cooked oysters as much as I do),  indulge in rich creamy ethereal wild porcini  mushroom risotto , followed by lobster with english peas and bacon and climaxing with the filet of beef with broccoli rabe and burrata cheese in an anchovy  vinaigrette. The menu changes regularly and you can always expect a special surprise. Expert cocktails and creative desserts round out a 5 star dining experience. I feel like stopping writing and running over there for a few bites. As a matter of fact that’s exactly I’m going to do, so ciao for now.

Follow my blog for more ‘Best Bites’ and visit the delicious Dover to eat for yourself. Let me know what you think!

dover pic 2



  1. In the beginning, I thought your headline was misleading, but you actually delivered. Nice job.

  2. After reading this post, I’m like I can actually trust you.

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