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Where are the Carroll Gardens locals going now that Casa Rosa has closed?

After almost four decades of continual service to the Carroll Gardens community, family run, home style restaurant, Casa Rosa, has closed its doors, leaving locals scrambling for a new go too red sauce temple.

Of course the neighborhood has other high quality Italian restaurants; Trendy Frankies, where waits can be long, and the staff can be cold, a more Manhattan type experience. Upscale Marco Polo, another neighborhood stalwart, with fine dining prepared by top notch chef, Marco Sirico, but it’s kind of a dress up place, you don’t feel right popping in wearing sweats after a sporting event for a dish of pasta. I guess that leaves Red Rose as the most likely contender for casual, drop in anytime Italian favorites. Owner, Santo, will greet you at the door and find you an immediate seat, and a solid menu will fulfill your red sauce pasta crave.

It’s always sad to see a neighborhood institution close. I remember having lunch there with my mother more than 30 years ago when she worked as a legal secretary for Scotto and Mangano. I guess for the time being I’ll have to keep popping into the aforementioned restaurants and perhaps Mama Maria’s and Sam’s going into Cobble Hill, but there’s nothing like having a place where the owner knows your name, makes whatever you want, and let’s you in whether you’re in a suit, or coming from your kids ballgame in dirty uniforms.

Let me know what you think, and I’ll keep posting as I continue visiting the other venues. Ciao for now.



  1. Maintain the nice work ethic.

  2. Many thanks for sharing your experiences with others. You’re really creating a difference.

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